Monday, December 7, 2009

Our house looks like Christmas!

I'm late—but you're getting used to that by now, aren't you? Last weekend, after we wrapped up the Thanksgiving festivities, we pulled the boxes out of the basement and started decorating for Christmas.



I love that special magic feeling of Christmas and it is so much fun to see the wonder on the girls faces as we unwrapped all our decorations which for me, are so full of memories.


My family is a family of traditions I suppose. Every year, my Grandma gets each of us grandkids a special figurine. I always got angels, my brother Santas and so on. In addition, she would purchase an ornament for her own tree for each of us, which she just divided between all of us 2 Christmases ago. Just looking through those two collections put a huge smile on my face.

To carry on the tradition, my husband and I are doing the same for the Sisters: Big Sis gets snow men & Little gets Santas. It's so much fun searching for the "right" one which will be a cherished part of their Christmases for years to come


Hope you all are getting into the spirit of the holidays!!


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