Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just a Peek


Here's a peek at the giant pom-pom/lantern grouping I did in the girls' room. Only a peek because I have more to do, and I want to show it to you the way I envision it and not before!! However, I'm pretty excited about it, so I do want to show it off a little—and I'm not sure when I'll have the "finished" room done.

I'm not very good at waiting.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Giant Pom-Poms


A couple of nights ago I pulled out the pom-pom kit I talked about in an earlier post.
However, these were SO EASY a kit was definitely not required!!

For each pom-pom, you'll need:

10 sheets of 17in x 30in (Medium) tissue paper in desired color
14 sheets of 20in x 30in (Large) tissue paper in desired color
12in section of floral wire

(I'm using paper from the kit which is pre-scored & cut, but this isn't necessary to have done already)

Lay all 10/14 sheets of tissue paper in a stack


Accordion fold into 1 3/4 inch sections.


Once the whole length is folded, Cut the ends either into a point or a half circle, depending on desired results. ( I do not have a picture of this step, as I mentioned, mine was already done.) You can see how each would look in the top picture.

Now, wrap and secure it in the middle with the wire.


Fan out the folds and begin to separate the individual sheets of tissue paper.


Once you've completely separated the sheets, shape it into the desired pom-pom.


Fold and twist the remaining wire into a loop to use for hanging.

And that's it!!!!
Super easy.
And lots of fun.

Now I just need to build my wooden frame and hang all the lanterns. . .!!!!
So excited!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

You've Got to Check this out!!!

I just found this paper cut artist via the Design*Sponge site. Her name is Julene and check out the rest of her site for some truly amazing work! So much detail and such clean impeccable lines! She's definitely done this once or twice!

I'm absolutely giddy with excitement!!!

First off, I WANT ONE for my very own!
Second, I want to give it a try!

In college, between mocking things up for my graphic design classes and the handful of "stencils" I've made for other classes & projects, plus the insane amount of packaging mock ups I've done at work (I previously worked in the packaging department of my company and you would not believe the number of fake packages one has to produce for any number of reasons before the final version makes it to print!!), I've come to be pretty handy with an Xact-O knife.

Plus, I'm just insane enough to find this FUN!

So sooner or later, and sadly, with my schedule, probably later rather than sooner, you'll be seeing an attempt from me.

Until then, perhaps I'll just tide myself over with buying one of hers.

Julene just posted on her site that she will soon be selling limited and lasercut runs of her most popular pieces in her etsy store! (Read: hopefully in my price range!!!)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project & the Rabbit trail of blogs

Last week I came across Ashley Ann's blog by way of Design*Sponge where she was featured in their before & after section.
(By the way, I will be making that bed as soon as a twin size bed is needed at our house! So Cute!!)
On Ashely Ann's blog she has pictures of her new little girl's nursery. (Look closely, and you'll even see a framed Cora pin. I'm stealing that idea.)
Seriously, if I could just move that room into my house, I would.
But even better, I'm taking her lead on a few things and using it as inspiration for my own girls' room—which right now is an amazing shade of blue, but otherwise, pretty blank and just waiting for time and inspiration to hit simultaneously.

One project that I've jumped on from her room is the collection of lanterns she has hanging from the ceiling. Elsewhere on the blog she gives links of where to find her supplies, only they aren't in stock anymore.

So, after much scouring I've found similar products:

white eyelet-patterned lanterns

tissue paper pom-poms can be found at Michael's craft stores in 3 different color sets (sorry can't find a direct link on the site)
The multi-colored lanterns have proven very difficult and I haven't found the exact lantern, but I did find the same style of lantern in the Martha Stewart line at Michael's in a different color and pattern. However, I think it will still look good in my room. I guess we'll see!!

I don't have a lot of free time right now, but as I do I'm hoping to pull this together. I really want to push ahead and make an enjoyable space for the girls—cheap. Isn't that the way it always goes? Pictures to come as progress is made!!


Back to the Lake

I'm heading back to the lake.
Not physically, but I do have a few more photos from our trip I'd like to share.

I grew up spending EVERY warm weekend at the lake. That's what we did. I would even take my naps on the boat. I started riding on the knee board by myself when I was two, granted, I just rode on my belly, but I was out there!! I believe I was "skiing" even earlier, perched on my Dad's shoulders as he would ski. I was fearless and I was a fish.

So when planning this trip, I just assumed my incredibly out-going little girl would follow suite. I had grand dreams of a family tradition being started with her on a knee board out behind a boat.

Only she didn't.

To go swimming, there's a ladder off the side of the dock.
She refused to go in that way.
Nate had to take her from the shore and swim out to every one else.


My dreams of her behind the boat seemed dashed. And though not the same as a knee board, I did find a glimmer of hope in the tube. She wouldn't be by herself, but I thought, surely, with the moral support of others, she could do it!

We decided to start off slow and just sit the two girls in it. Allow them time to warm up to the idea.
Bad idea.
Easing in creates anxiety instead of dispelling it.
Just so you know.


So we decided to just go.
And they loved it.


Especially Charlie, it seemed.
Every time the boat stopped, she would say "Go more."


So we would change out riders and Charlie would stay on.
Until finally she was so tired that she asked to get out.

My Mom and I decided we would keep riding.
Our ride was a little different than the ride given with a little one in the tube with us.


What better way to bond with your mother than going at break-neck speeds, skipping across a lake on a tube? We had so much fun and had lasting soreness the next day as a souvenir.


Monday, July 20, 2009


I am SO tired.
The kind of tired that can't be dispelled by any amount of caffeine.
However, that probably won't keep me from trying.

We took an impromptu trip this weekend to Six Flags amusement park in Kentucky with the girls.
Fun? Yes.
Relaxing? No.

It all started Friday evening actually.
We went to a movie.
I drank a coke.

When it was time to sleep, for some very strange reason (hmmm, the coke perhaps?), I couldn't sleep. Finally fell asleep around 5 only to be awoken at 7.
Babies show no mercy.

Saturday morning we packed up and were on the road by 9:30, which is Peyton's morning nap time.
Of course, nobody slept.

Our plan at the park was to just go until the girls could go no more.

They had so much fun! I have to admit that it was much more fun than when Nate and I went by ourselves last month—and we didn't ride a single adult ride. Something about their excitement is just contagious. It's like experiencing it for the first time, all over again.
Plus, they did really well. We made it to about 6:30, which far exceeded my expectations. After a nap while walking back to the hotel, both girls seemed a bit revived, so we even decided to push our luck by going out to eat instead of ordering in.

Bedtime was tricky. The girls have separate rooms at home, so being in the same room did not promote blissfully falling into dreamland.

All in all, a very good weekend.
But I am paying for the fun today.

I'll leave you with some pictures from this weekend!

This is Peyton right before the roller coaster. Charlie rode with her Daddy in the car ahead of us. She says it was fun, but refused to go again! I guess she yelled "Mommy" loud enough for the passengers ahead of them to hear, but I didn't. It was a pretty intense roller coaster for little kids!! I was surprised.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Fishing Day 2: Better with Friends?

For our second attempt at fishing fun, we wrangled in some help.


Cousin Taryn to the rescue!!!!
Or maybe it was the fact that we were fishing in the middle of the day rather than right before bedtime when Charlie is at her emotional end. . .?
Regardless, no one had a melt-down and not one tear was shed.


They both even got brave enough to touch the fish! I didn't even want to do that. Slimy things really aren't in my comfort zone. I just don't see the need to go out of my way to touch something like that, but I figured since the 2 year olds did, I should probably give it a try too. Prove to Charlie that her Mommy isn't a wimp.


They each reeled in their own fish as well—with lots of parental supervision, of course.


So if fishing doesn't work the first time, just invite some friends along. Could make all the difference in the world!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

First time fishing

Nate loves to fish. So naturally, he hopes to share this pastime with his girls.

So he bought Charlie her first fishing pole.


Initially, she was excited. And enjoyed picking out a worm and sitting with her Daddy.


But then, they caught a fish and she—well. . .she sort of freaked out.


We threw the fish back in and gave it another go. She even kissed the pole!
(she kisses things—it's what she does)

She helped reeled in the next fish when it took a bite, but once it got out of the water, again, she wasn't a big fan. Wouldn't even come near it.

You can't see her face here, but she's crying.

So our first attempt at fishing? Not sure you could call it a success. But she did like being with her Daddy, so that's something, Right?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July & Fireworks

Since our vacation coincided with the 4th of July, I just couldn't resist making the girls matching dresses to celebrate the festivities. Plus what's cuter than 2 little girls dressed alike?


3 little girls dressed alike.

DSC03058 copy
DSC03061 copy

We went to the house of one of my Aunt & Uncle's friend for a BIG barbecue where we had so much to eat, the girls played with bubbles and ate popsicles. Then we all loaded up onto our host's pontoon boat and made our way to where they were going to shoot off fireworks.


My Mom had brought along these crazy glasses that made any light have rainbow chasers. Pretty cool, but I preferred my fireworks the old fashion way.

Growing up, we often spent our July 4th at the lake and no matter how small, you could always find a fireworks display over the water. In my opinion, that is the BEST way to see them, so I was so happy to be able to share that with my own little girl.

Afterwards, we headed home, got the little ones in bed and then set off our own show. My favorite was the mini hot air balloons.


They would fill up with hot air and then simply float away. The package said that if you tethered them down they would last for 5 hours ( I think), so if you let them go, they would last as long, but they travel. . .

We just watched them until they were completely out of site. So pretty.

My parents later said they saw one of the lanterns on the ground days later and miles away when they left on their motorcycle.
One of ours?
I like to think so.



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