Friday, October 30, 2009

While she was sick

I'm really behind on blog posts. Seems to be a common theme, eh?

My camera is full and I have some precious shots of Little Sister from when she was sick. The poor little peanut was sick for 4 days and ran about a 103.5 fever all week, spiking one night to 105.2. Scary stuff!!!

But on one of the rare occasions that she was awake I pulled out my camera to capture her sweet little face. I'm glad I did because I really love these shots.

Just too bad she was so sick!


I'd like to say that she's signing "I love you" here, but really these next 3 images happened one right after the other and she was tired and rubbing her head.


I've never seen this little one so sick and I hope it's awhile before I see her that way. Luckily, she has fully recovered and it seems has not passed whatever it was on to anyone else in the house. Not sure what I would have done if Big Sis had gotten sick too!!

Hope everyone is healthy at your house! (Especially as we start gearing up for Halloween festivities!)


Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little. . .Creepy.

Funny things have been going on around here.

First, our weed eater was stolen.

Then, we found a brand new, never opened tube of chapstick in our backyard. A brand we don't use.

And finally, sometime last week Nate noticed some dog food was in these upside-down plastic bongo drums that the girls have outside. Very weird, but we didn't think much about it. Afterall, we do have a dog that does eat dog food and very often it's outside. Plus we do have a two year old as well as a five year old nephew who sometimes comes to play. You never know what that duo is going to be up to.

Now Nate had mentioned the dog food to me, but besides a passing glance I hadn't really paid it too much attention. But this afternoon I was doing something else and decided to see what the bongo/food combo was all about. Still didn't think much about it except that it was pretty odd.

Then tonight, I was scooping up some of Sully's food and realized IT'S NOT OUR BRAND OF DOG FOOD!!!!!

We don't have that kind ANYWHERE in our house and never have. Ever.

So, I'm feeling real safe right now (and looking up houses in other more, um, established neighborhoods. . .).

Am I crazy to want to start packing? Or just overly suspicious?


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home with Little Sister

My poor little peanut is sick, sick, sick!!

Sadly, she seems to always have something going on—runny nose, ear infection, crazy diaper rash. But she is honestly the BEST sick baby ever. I usually have no idea she's sick until I realize she has a fever. She just doesn't act sick.

But not this time. She's running a pretty high fever, and just wants to cry and be held when she's not asleep—but mostly she wants to sleep. I've never seen her like this. Makes me feel so helpless! Why can't I do anything!!!


I even took her to the doctor yesterday because her daycare had called to let me know she was running a fever of 100.7. No big deal, but I needed to get her home. By the time I got her home, her temperature had reached 102.5 and a dose of tylenol and 45 minutes later it was at 103!! It freaked me out a little that it was moving in the wrong direction so I got her in pretty quick, but was just told to make her as comfortable as possible over the next few days and that hopefully by Friday she'd be ready to join in again! Poor Kid!

This is where I definitely wished I was a stay-at-home Mom, or even a work-from-home Mom (although I think very little would get done unless the girls stayed in daycare while I did that work from home!).

Now hopefully Big Sis won't get it too!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Look what Big Sister got into. . .

Sometimes, Big Sis takes naps in our room for one reason or another.

And sometimes, after the nap, we realize that our room may not be as toddler proof as we thought, nor did the little munchkin go straight to sleep like we would like to believe.

Photo 1

Despite what the package says, it appears that Daddy's deodorant does, in fact, NOT go on clear.

At least she didn't find a sharpie like the last time she wrote on our walls.. . .


Friday, October 16, 2009

Photo session with Frogs and Faeries Photography

Just saw the sneak peek of our photo session from last weekend! So amazing!!! Can not wait to see all of them. Check them out at Frogs & Faeries Blog. What's extra special about this shoot is that my husband went to high school with Heather the photographer. Extra fun!!

Don't know how I'm ever going to chose!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm really not this boring!

You think I'm boring, don't you? It would appear that way from my lack of posts, wouldn't it?

The truth is I'm busy. Too busy.

Last weekend we braved the rain and went to the pumpkin patch. This weekend Big sister and Daddy went to the pumpkin patch while Little Sis & I went to the doctor (she's fine) and then met up with them at their cousin's house for lunch and play time. After naps I sanded, primed, painted & poly-ed their stairs. I LOVE them. Before they were old, steep & creaky. They're still steep, but Nate put in thicker risers and I don't feel like I'm going to fall through now! The white paint really helps brighten the area up as well.

Then Sunday we spent most of the day getting things together for family pictures in the evening. I have this very old antique couch that Nate and I found about 3+ years ago. We were driving home and on the side of the road, in front of a restaurant supply warehouse, was this couch with a for sale sign on it. I made Nate turn the car around, track down the owner and buy the silly thing. Apparently so that it could sit in my mother-in-law's basement for years just to be in our family photos! When I remembered it, I just hoped that it was in good enough shape to look good in the pictures. It was perfect! If you don't look at the back or underneath that is. Springs are quite literally falling out the bottom! But I can't wait to see what it looked like in the pictures! And the girls too. . . :)

As with most things I talk about, one day I'll get around to re-upholstering it! I'll try to take some pictures of it before we carry it back down into the abyss. . .I mean basement. ;)

This weekend we have no plans other than trying to get our house a little closer to completion. Baby steps. . .baby steps.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lisa Leonard Designs Jewelry

While I'm at it, I might as well share another favorite with you! (And if you know my husband, drop hints to him as well. I've made him aware of my love for Lisa, but a bit of reminding is always helpful.)

I used to think that I hated "mommy jewelry." But really, I just hadn't found the RIGHT mommy jewelry. For me, the right jewelry lives over on Lisa Leonard's website —instead of my drawer. . . at least not yet.

Her designs are simple, yet poignant—really speaking to the heart of the idea behind each piece. And very beautifully crafted. So after your done checking out Amy Butler's new line for the post below, go check out Lisa Leonard's site too.

Lisa Leonard Designs Jewelry GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!


Attention all Fabric Junkies!!


I almost wish I hadn't just purchased a ton of new fabric because this stuff is BEAUTIFUL! In actuality, I want to keep all the fabric that I have and just get more!! You have to go check it out—she's calling it LOVE.

While usually the quilting & fashion line is it's own line and the home decor line is completely separate with it's own designs, she has BOTH this time!! So if you really want to, you can cover your couch to match the new dress you just sewed! announced in their newsletter this week that they will be having a special sale on the new line NEXT week. . .so definitely check that out if you have some money to spend on fabric. . . or you could loan it to me.

If you need me, I'll be over at Amy's site, feasting my eyes on her amazing designs. . .


Monday, October 5, 2009

Pretty, Pretty Fabric!

This weekend I received a package in the mail from what is quickly becoming my favorite online store:


Such pretty fabric, so many possibilities. . .



What should I sew first?



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