Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{DIY} Remove foreign object from your toddler's nose

Interesting night last night.

Little Sister had stayed home from school yesterday with a decent sized fever and body aches. However, she started to bounce back just a little before I picked her up from her Nana's house. So from then on out she was a little feisty — and after a rainy day of not getting to go outside and run, Big easily went right along with her. ( To be honest, Big wasn't being so calm & obedient to begin with.)

We finally had them ready to get into bed but as we started to corral them in that direction, Little started talking about something in her nose while making an attempt to dig something out.


It immediately didn't seem the the average, run-of-the-mill booger that was being referred to. And though I still have no idea how she had the time to make the insertion as I had been holding her moments before, I knew right away that she had stuck a bead from a recently broken bracelet up her nose.

After confirming that there was indeed a bead up her nose via some strategic flashlight work, it was deemed necessary to take her to the ER.

And there I learned a little trick that those of you with young kids may find useful some day. That's right:

{DIY} Remove foreign object from your toddler's nose


  1. Once my son told us that he stuck a french fry up his nose, but no matter how much we looked, we didn't see one so we thought it was a fib. Fast forward a couple days and he sneezed it out. Gross. A bead isn't fun but at least it won't decompose.

  2. FELICES FIESTAS!!! esperamos que hayas pasado una buena noche y que te espere un mejor dia de Navidad.
    Feliz Navidad
    Paqui y Mari Jose


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