Thursday, August 6, 2009

On My To Do List

Finish painting big sister's dresser

Sand and paint little sister's dresser
Make curtains for the girls' room
Finish the apron overlay to the skirt I made months ago
Tailor the skirt I made months ago
Help tear up old wood flooring in bedroom
Help tear up carpet in girls' room
Make/Design little sister's bday invites
Plan little sister's bday party
Crop & order photos to fill the empty frames floating around my house
Design pallet headboard/bed (not sure how far I'm taking the idea yet)
Make pallet headboard/bed
Pick out paint for bathroom
Sand kitchen cabinets
Paint kitchen cabinets
Paint kitchen
Figure out window treatments for my bedroom
Make magnetic board thing for photos over sofa
Order photos
Edit & order photos from the last 2.5 years (minus lake house vacation!!!! I did that!!! HUGE FEAT on my part) and put into albums
Make Tinkerbell/Fairy Halloween costumes for the girls (inspiration came early this year!)
Reupholster & refinish the antique love seat we picked up on the side of the road 3 years ago & has been sitting in the basement since (I think I've finally picked out fabric)

How about you??



  1. Okay, so I posted a comment on your blog about how I found you through Ashley Campbell's blog and yada, yada, yada. was on your Table Rock Lake visit a WAYS back and figured if you're like me there is NO WAY you have time to randomly look to see who left a comment on an old post. So I thought you'd like to know you have a new reader. A complete stranger. Promise, not a stalker :) I do LOVE your blog. So funny and so true!

  2. thank you so much! I appreciate hearing that you enjoy the randomness that I come up with! I grew up going to different part of Table Rock, but have only visited the Shell Knob area 3 times now, all in conjunction with my Aunt & Uncle buying their lake house. I wasn't going to post about our visit to Eureka Springs. . .or actually what we bought there, but maybe now I need to!!


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