Monday, July 12, 2010

A change in vacation plans

This last week our family took advantage of the 4-day work week and took our very-much-needed summer vacation. We took it easy over the weekend and then packed up our stuff and headed out to the Natchez Trace State Park for a little bit of camping.

Only it didn't go quite as planned.

Actually, it was quite miserable.

So miserable in fact, that after setting up our inherited pop-up camper that seemed bound and determined to call it quits right there on the spot and a very boring & ridiculously hot morning and afternoon of swimming in not so pristine water, we packed it up and went home!

Though it took Nate & I a little bit to come to that decision, mostly because we were worried that we'd regret it once we left, it turned out to be the very best thing!!

We traded this:


Please note the icky brown water and only slightly bemused faces.

For this:


And we even got to play with friends! (cousins are friends, right?)


Believe me! There was not one moment after we came home where I found myself wishing we were back at the lake! I don't know if it was just the heat or if we picked the wrong park for our young girls, but we were bored, bored, bored!! And hot. Which just makes bored worse.

And we really took the whole being on vacation thing very seriously. We did not work on the house, we did something out of the ordinary everyday (except Sunday. . .we needed a day to recoup before heading back to work!), we took naps (gasp!!!), and we ate ice cream almost every day.


So from here on out, while I still love to travel on my vacation, the "stay-cation" has earned some serious bonus points in my book.


Hope you had a lovely week while I was away!!!

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. it sure looks like you made the most correct decision. big smiley relaxed faces show it all! good come back ;)

  2. oh! and can't wait for the new bed pics...


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