Friday, July 2, 2010

My new best friend (or Evolution of an X-acto knife)

As a graphic design student in college, I did a ridiculous amount of "mock up" projects and mounting things on black board. Thus began my relationship with the X-acto knife.


My first knife was simple, no frills. I was naive and didn't know to look for anything else. It got the job done, but was hard to hold and hurt my hand if I spent too much time cutting. Plus, it was a bit slippery. Not a good quality in a knife.

So I kept my eyes open for something better.


Something better came in the form of this knife. Seemingly the same knife as before, but wrapped in ergonomically shaped rubber, making it easier to hold and hang on to. Those hours at the cutting table became much less dreaded, though still not ideal.

I graduated college, got a job, and began to realize that my X-acto knife was always going to be a part of my life, despite what I had believed while in school. Projects still needed to be mocked up, but this time for a client instead of a professor.

This believe reached a new level about 6 months ago when I discovered paper cut art. Done entirely by hand, using only an X-acto knife or scalpel, intricate artwork was formed from a sheet of paper!!

I HAD to try it.

Immediately I was hooked! However, my dissatisfaction with my knife grew. I couldn't imagine spending hours cutting for years to come with the uncomfortable knife I was currently using. For simple mock ups, it worked wonderfully, but a project that takes 8 hours minimum of intricate cutting? Not so great.

Enter this beauty:


When I first saw her, I admit. I was skeptical. The packaging claimed to offer superior precision cutting and ergonomic control, but packages are supposed to say that sort of stuff.

Then again, what did I have to loose?
I bought it.

Best decision I could have made!! I love this knife.


I used it for the entire Nate + Lori piece and never once felt my hand or fingers cramp or get tired. So if you find yourself reaching for an X-acto knife somewhat often, head to your local craft or office supply store and grab one of these!! Believe me, I never thought I'd be giddy about a utility knife!!! And if the pink is a bit too much for you, don't worry. They have a grey and black version as well!

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. This company should be paying you. You have promoted that knife so well. BTW I think your cut out are so clever!

  2. Ha! Never thought I would promote an X-acto knife, but I really do love my new one!! And with the amount of time I've been spending with it lately, I really do have reason to sing their praises! :)

  3. okay this is genius! and considering the my hubby is a crime scene investigator, this is the perfect thing for us! thanks for the inspo!!!


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