Thursday, October 22, 2009

A little. . .Creepy.

Funny things have been going on around here.

First, our weed eater was stolen.

Then, we found a brand new, never opened tube of chapstick in our backyard. A brand we don't use.

And finally, sometime last week Nate noticed some dog food was in these upside-down plastic bongo drums that the girls have outside. Very weird, but we didn't think much about it. Afterall, we do have a dog that does eat dog food and very often it's outside. Plus we do have a two year old as well as a five year old nephew who sometimes comes to play. You never know what that duo is going to be up to.

Now Nate had mentioned the dog food to me, but besides a passing glance I hadn't really paid it too much attention. But this afternoon I was doing something else and decided to see what the bongo/food combo was all about. Still didn't think much about it except that it was pretty odd.

Then tonight, I was scooping up some of Sully's food and realized IT'S NOT OUR BRAND OF DOG FOOD!!!!!

We don't have that kind ANYWHERE in our house and never have. Ever.

So, I'm feeling real safe right now (and looking up houses in other more, um, established neighborhoods. . .).

Am I crazy to want to start packing? Or just overly suspicious?


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