Friday, October 30, 2009

While she was sick

I'm really behind on blog posts. Seems to be a common theme, eh?

My camera is full and I have some precious shots of Little Sister from when she was sick. The poor little peanut was sick for 4 days and ran about a 103.5 fever all week, spiking one night to 105.2. Scary stuff!!!

But on one of the rare occasions that she was awake I pulled out my camera to capture her sweet little face. I'm glad I did because I really love these shots.

Just too bad she was so sick!


I'd like to say that she's signing "I love you" here, but really these next 3 images happened one right after the other and she was tired and rubbing her head.


I've never seen this little one so sick and I hope it's awhile before I see her that way. Luckily, she has fully recovered and it seems has not passed whatever it was on to anyone else in the house. Not sure what I would have done if Big Sis had gotten sick too!!

Hope everyone is healthy at your house! (Especially as we start gearing up for Halloween festivities!)



  1. Awe, what a little cutie! Glad she's all better now.

  2. Glad she's feeling better! She is SOOO adorable even when she's sick.


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