Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm really not this boring!

You think I'm boring, don't you? It would appear that way from my lack of posts, wouldn't it?

The truth is I'm busy. Too busy.

Last weekend we braved the rain and went to the pumpkin patch. This weekend Big sister and Daddy went to the pumpkin patch while Little Sis & I went to the doctor (she's fine) and then met up with them at their cousin's house for lunch and play time. After naps I sanded, primed, painted & poly-ed their stairs. I LOVE them. Before they were old, steep & creaky. They're still steep, but Nate put in thicker risers and I don't feel like I'm going to fall through now! The white paint really helps brighten the area up as well.

Then Sunday we spent most of the day getting things together for family pictures in the evening. I have this very old antique couch that Nate and I found about 3+ years ago. We were driving home and on the side of the road, in front of a restaurant supply warehouse, was this couch with a for sale sign on it. I made Nate turn the car around, track down the owner and buy the silly thing. Apparently so that it could sit in my mother-in-law's basement for years just to be in our family photos! When I remembered it, I just hoped that it was in good enough shape to look good in the pictures. It was perfect! If you don't look at the back or underneath that is. Springs are quite literally falling out the bottom! But I can't wait to see what it looked like in the pictures! And the girls too. . . :)

As with most things I talk about, one day I'll get around to re-upholstering it! I'll try to take some pictures of it before we carry it back down into the abyss. . .I mean basement. ;)

This weekend we have no plans other than trying to get our house a little closer to completion. Baby steps. . .baby steps.

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  1. Hi Lori! Have you won any blog awards yet? Well you have now! I know it's kind of silly, but I got two yesterday so I'm passing the love on to you. I love your blog! Come to mine to pick it up! Happy Thursday!


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