Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Awesome Book

I was just given An Awesome Book. You can tell it is awesome just from it's title. (It's actually called An Awesome Book.)

A co-worker of mine handed it to me for my kids when I walked into work this morning. As he was telling me about it, he had this expectant look on his face and I was actually kind of worried that it was a joke and something was going to jump out at me! But as soon as I had a minute to give it a read I understood his look. This book is incredible & I can't wait to go home and read it to my girls! It's full of wonderfully imaginative illustrations and a poem about dreaming big—like dreaming about “rocket-powered unicorns” instead of owning matching silverware.” The author originally wrote the book for his own five-year-old son and decided to have it printed up.

You can read the entire book online—and you should, right now!!! But don't forget to purchase a copy for yourself, your kids and maybe a few more for gifts as this would make a great gift for all sorts of people: little kids, graduates, newlyweds, your parents. . .you get the idea. :)

But another reason to buy the book is that for every book purchased, the author will give one away!! Sounds like a pretty good way to spread high and lofty dreams!

So what are your big dreams that seem like they might be too big to come true?
"Then once you've got that in mind please dream a million more. . ."
Maybe if we all start dreaming big, and encouraging each others' dreams, we just might start turning some dreams into reality.


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