Monday, November 23, 2009

Dressers: Finished!

So, I realized that amidst the craziness of loosing the knobs and the upheaval that is my life, I forgot to share the finished photos of the dressers with you! (I know, you're not surprised in the least.)


This one has taken over the role of changing table which enables us to get rid of one piece of furniture which helps with the overwhelming amount of clutter the girls have managed to collect in their short life times AND allows us to pass it on to a little someone who will be needing it more than us come early March!! (Yeah for babies!!!!)

(oh, and please ignore that window. . .Eek! It still needs some help. Speaking of which. . .any ideas on how to cover up an ugly air conditioner unit that is an absolute necessity in the summer? I would love to hide it somehow, but have not yet come up with a plan to do so while keeping it functionable. ???????)



I am loving the way these turned out!! And to think they were on the brink of heading to the junk heap.


It's especially great because these aren't just some random dressers I found. They were my husband and his brother's as they were growing up. And I'm guessing based on the style, that they had another life even before that. I'm going to have to get that story. . .. But I love pieces with history—but even more I love breathing new life into pieces with history!! Now every piece of old furniture I look at I want to recover, repaint or redo in some way!! My poor husband!!! I'm not sure he completely knew what he was getting into when he married me! Oh well, he has his quirks as well. . ..



  1. Looks great! So I take it you found the knobs?!

  2. yeah for dressers and NUMBER 3!!!!

  3. No, no, no!!! We are passing it on to someone else who will be needing it. My sister in law is having her second in March. Thought I wrote that clearly enough. Silly me!! :)

  4. I'm with Shelly. I had to read it about three times before I realized what you meant. I was trying to figure out how you'd kept it a secret all this time! : ) Love the dressers. Very cute! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!

  5. How fun! I love when something has meaning, but just taking up space.

  6. Love the color! Great job! I repainted and refinished my old baby dresser and my husband's for our kids too! It's nice to have meaningful things


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