Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I made a bed.

Growing up, I had a beautiful bed. My Dad made it for me when I was two. It had drawers underneath and everything.

When I got married, I graduated to a larger bed which unfortunately was housed only on a mattress frame. Not the bed of my dreams, that's for sure!! Recently, we decided to ditch the mattress frame and just put the box frame and mattress directly on the floor. Good move for the tiny room as the lower bed helps open up the tight space. But then we just had our mattress on the floor.

When we move, someday—hopefully within the next 3 years. . .), we are planning on getting a king size bed since we can't get one now—Our room is just too small!! So whatever solution I came up with for this bed needed to be reasonably priced. I kicked around a few ideas and finally
decided to head to my local lumber yard (Home Depot :) ), grab 4 2x12s and build a box.

However, I am fully convinced that I can do nothing the easy way.

I love the feel of old wood. You know what I'm talking about? That old bench at the park made from a tree trunk that is worn absolutely smooth with the grain raised into the most interesting patterns? Well, I wanted that.

I again headed to Home Depot and picked up a wire sanding attachment for our drill and set to work sanding out the soft portion of the wood, leaving the harder grain raised up.


Many hours, 3 steel wool pads and 2 blisters later I had brand new boards that felt like they had some history to them!! After not finding what I had envisioned in my head on the stain aisle, I opted to just go dark. I am second guessing that decision, but also realizing that's it really not that big of a deal and am trying to let it go!! All in all, I think it's a pretty nice solution for very cheap!


Unfortunately, I'm not sure how well the pictures show the deep grain, but it feels wonderful!! Next, I plan to add a headboard. Exciting plans (for me anyway!!) for that as well!



  1. Looks great! I love the way the wood grain shows contrasts with the dark stain. So is it just 2x4 and the box springs are still sitting directly on the floor? You're so creative, Lori - quit being such a prefectionist! haha :)

  2. Yes, the box spring is right on the floor with the 2x12 wrapped around it & bolted together.

    And thanks! :)

  3. You are AWESOME! How did I never know this side of you before?!?! (I knew about the artsy side...not the build things out of wood side ;) ).

    Maybe I am dumb (and I think it looks great) but how does getting rid of the frame add space?!?! Perhaps I need a before picture?! ;)

  4. Michele, it doesn't actually add space, but helps the room FEEL more open. Alas, I have no before pictures because I'm still much too embarrassed on the current state of my room. Perhaps one day. . .

  5. Wow, that's impressive. I made a bed this morning, but it consisted of me smoothing out the covers and throwing a couple of pillows on top!=)

  6. You truly are your father's daughter aren't you? It looks great! (Dad would love the dark stain!)


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