Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skinny Jeans

At Christmas, we decided to get a Wii Fit. Sunday I reached my first goal.

So this morning, while trying to decide what to wear, I came across my "skinny jeans" hanging up in my closet. I bought these jeans about 10 years ago and have been carting them around with me since then. I've been able to wear them a few times here and there, but for the most part they've just been hanging in my closet.

Well, since I did just meet that goal, I decided to try them on and see where I stood.

They went on EASILY!!!

I was so excited.

Then I looked in the mirror and started laughing.

They looked HORRIBLE. Completely unflattering! Not sure if it's an out-of-date cut thing, I've had two babies since I last put them on, or what, but it was not good. My husband tried to be encouraging and told me he thought they looked good, but then minutes later started laughing too and agreed with me.

So ladies, be careful with those skinny jeans you have stashed away in your closet for "someday." Just because they fit DOES NOT mean you have to wear them!!



  1. I just bought a brand new pair of skinny jeans from the Express, and I love them. Perhaps you just need an updated version to fit your new body.

  2. Oh, I hear you. I have some expensive jeans I bought with a bonus I got when I was working RIGHT before I got pregnant with Ella. I worked hard to lose enough weight to wear them between Ella and Hudson- Tried them on- EEK. They fit, but did not flatter my post baby body. Something about a super low rise just doesn't work for me after a baby.


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