Monday, January 18, 2010

Using my Christmas toys!

Every single person at our house was sick last week. All of us. There was a bit of overlapping going on, but at some point, we all had to stay home. So much fun. (I hope you sense the sarcasm.)

However, I did find a somewhat quiet moment on a day when I, myself was not sick, to use a new gift I've been itching to try.


I've been wanting a rotary cutter for about a year now, but every time I went to purchase one I became cheap and left without it.

So, I asked for one for Christmas.

Why, Oh why didn't I buy it sooner? I finally got a chance to use it last week to trim out the quilt I'm making Little Sister. So easy—Like I knew it would be. Such straight, clean line—Like I knew it would be. And I was done in at least half the time it would have taken me to measure out & cut with scissors—Like I knew it would. . ..


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