Friday, January 8, 2010

Yesterday was . . .interesting.

I should have know I was in for it when I woke up to find my laundry room flooded.

My washing machine —which was not on— had water running, the basin full and spilling over onto my floor. Again, it wasn't on, it was just leaking water.

Then later that afternoon I got a call from the girl's daycare to inform me that they were closing at noon because of a water main break that was affecting the school.

At home I come to find that I too did not have water due to a near-by water main breakage.

My evening was topped off with an hour of late night phone calls from a man who insisted that he had the correct number no matter how many times I told him otherwise or let the machine get it.

At least today is shaping up to be a better day!
Now if only I could get warm!!!


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