Monday, October 18, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

One of my favorite things about going home (not in December when it's cold) is the Wichita Zoo.
You might not expect it, but they have an AMAZING zoo!! The environments for the animals are really beautiful and they've set it all up so that you can get really close to them.


Yup. Just a nice thick piece of glass standing between Little and some big lion teeth.

And if the glass still doesn't make you feel safe, you can always take your picture with one of the animal statues placed all around the zoo. The girls sort of like those.  :)





Big was most excited to see the penguins. I don't think she was disappointed.
She was absolutely enamored with them.



She and I have actually seen the penguin exhibit one other time.
Only she had just turned 1, so I don't think she really remembers the visit.

However, her response was pretty similar.


Little enjoyed them as well.



If you ever find yourself in Wichita, KS for any reason, make sure you find a way to visit the zoo. You won't be sorry. . . .Unless you live in San Diego or some place like that I suppose. . .   :)

xoxo Lori Danelle

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  1. I wouldn't be near that lion, even with a glass between us!!
    Did you stop by my blog to enter the giveaway???
    Today is the last day to participate!


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