Monday, March 29, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I've had a weird, busy, relaxing, productive, guilt-ridden weekend. How's that for a descriptor!?? :)

The girls were invited to spend the night at their Nana's on Friday night, which meant a coffee date with my hubby, early to bed & sleeping in on Saturday morning!! This was double nice since on top of being a busy Mom, I also got sick with a cold this weekend! And the only thing worse than a cold is a cold in the springtime or summer!! It just doesn't belong.


So after a slow Saturday morning, I got busy painting what's left on the kitchen cabinets—and I've elated to report that the cabinets are now done!! We're so close to finishing that silly kitchen that I'm going to hold off on any more pictures until it is completely done. (Sorry!)


In order for me to finish that up completely, it was decided that the girls stay on another night at Nana's. (And I slept in until 10:30. 10:30!!!!! I must have been sick!) So the sleeping in was very very nice and rejuvenating. But the girls being away all weekend & only seeing them in the evenings for dinner did make me feel quite a bit guilty. Oh well. It's done. They had fun. The kitchen is ridiculously close.

Plus, I made this for Little Sister in the evenings.


If she decides she doesn't want it, I might have to just steal it for my couch!! It is definitely needing some color! Maybe I'll have to add it to my list of things to put in my etsy shop. . .if I ever get anything in my etsy shop! Good intensions . . . only a little bit of time. But I am getting close to having headbands in there. I think. I hope. . . .How about I'll let you know. :)



  1. If she doesn't want it I'll take it! I love that! You are inspiring me to get more creative with my pillows!

  2. you are a real talent! great pillows ;)


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