Monday, March 8, 2010

{Update} On a Very Special Lady

Saturday, my Grandma slowly started to wake up. Because of still have the breathing tube from the ventilator in her throat she couldn’t talk but could respond by shaking her head yes or no. All of her vital signs looked good but she was still not breathing deeply enough to supply her body with oxygen so they left the breathing tube in all night. They also were able to remove two of the drain tubes from her chest.

My Aunt took my Grandpa to the Dr. on Saturday morning and there was a small spot of pneumonia on one lung and he was coughing quite a bit so it was best if he wasn’t in the room and when he was he wears a mask.

My Dad had to be away for about 36 hours due to some commitments he had, but when he went to visit last night, he found her sitting in a chair, much to his surprise! They had taken the breathing tube out about 5:00 AM Sunday morning. Off and on throughout the day they removed most of the tube and hoses, etc. By 7:00, she was totally disconnected from everything except the blood pressure cuff and the oxygen hose to her nose. She was able to eat lunch and had supper sitting in the chair which she was sitting in for about three hours, or so. She hasn’t been on any pain medication but the nurse said that would come yet as she still has residual anesthetic in her body. But we just watch in amazement the improvement in the last 36 hours and praise God for answering everyone’s prayers. My Dad says that she looks just as good as she did before they took her into the operating room!

Thanks again to all of you for praying for Grandma. Every time someone says how well she is doing she/we respond with “there were a lot of people praying for me/her”.

As the doctor said, yes she has done well but has a long way to go. I think there will be some rough days ahead as she will start needing more pain medication. Please don’t stop praying for her. The Dr. thought maybe one more day in ICU before moving to a regular room.

I'm hoping to get to connect with her via Skype again sometime this week.



  1. So glad to hear that she is recovering well!

  2. Lori,
    I am so glad your Grandma is doing so well. I love that you are so close to her, and that you even have her at all (all mine passed away by the time I was 11...).

    I found you via FF and have to say I have really enjoyed looking at your blog (I went all the way back to Oct!). I love seeing you fixing stuff up... something I love to do as well. (I make stuff, too :).

    Prayers are so powerful. I will join in those being sent on your behalf. Take care and GOd bless. New follower... ~Laine

    A couple of posts of things I made/fixed:


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