Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh what a night.

I had a great day today.

My Mom & Grandma (not the same Grandma who just had surgery. She's doing very well, but not THAT well!) are in town for the week to help us celebrate Big Sister's birthday this Sunday. So today I took the day off and the 3 of us spent the day window shopping (with a little bit of purchasing) and not doing anything that was on my to do list. A perfect day! :)
Tonight however, has been a completely different story. As I write this, Little Sister is (finally) asleep in my bed, Grandma is roughing it on a blow-up bed on my living room floor, and my Mom is camping upstairs in the Sister's room in case Big Sis wakes up and freaks out that her Little Sis isn't there after spending a few hours with her crying.

Crying? Yes. Crying.
Mom & I ran to the grocery store to gather supplies for the upcoming party right after getting the girls in bed and off to dreamland. Normally, no big deal after that. Not tonight. We came home and found Big playing in the living room. . ..??? We round the corner to the kitchen and Grandma is holding a red-faced, sobbing Little Sis. Apparently, she'd already been crying for about 45 minutes. The kind of tears that let you know something is WRONG. But as she's only 18 months old, I still don't know what. I tried everything in my Mommy arsenal with no avail, so finally I called her doctor's office hoping to talk to someone and figure out if I needed to take her somewhere now or not. Someone was supposed to call me back. . .that was about 2 hours ago. (LOVE her doctor, hate the office. . .) Luckily, I was able to finally get her to sleep, so I think she'll make it until the morning, but I still want to take her in to see her doctor. Something isn't right. (I could give you more details, but you don't want my daughter's medical chart this morning, do you?)

On happier note, I received a "Sunshine Award" today, which on a night like tonight, is always nice! Thanks Darcy!!

Please forgive me for slacking on the pass it on part. I really need to go to bed. I think I have a big day again tomorrow!


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