Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In their own little world

So often, I wish I could watch my girls as a bird peeking through the window. I wonder what they're like when I'm not around. When they're not needing me. What they think about. What sort of exchanges they have.

Such was the case yesterday morning when I went upstairs to get the girls and found this.


There's several things in the picture that make me curious. First, why is Big Sister in Little's bed. (for a moment, I couldn't even see Little Sis when I looked in!) Was Little awake when Big joined her? Was she crying? Was Big "taking care of" Little? Were they playing?

Second, usually they wake up before I get upstairs and play for a few minutes while I finish getting myself ready before I can focus on them. Rarely, in fact, almost never, are they asleep when I go up.

But they were. Both of them. So I have to wonder how long they were awake after Big joined Little. A few minutes? or did they play for an hour or so before crashing?

Such a precious moment that makes me consider installing cameras just so I can be in on it!!



  1. Did you notice that big sister gave little sister one of her bunnies to sleep with also??

  2. I don't know if was gave or couldn't do without them herself. . . :)

  3. Hey I'm stopping by from Friday Follow and I"m your newest follower :D

    And aaw that it just adorable!! Your daughters are soo cute!!!

    I can't wait to start reading your posts! Happy Friday

    -Jami @Intentionally Living...


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