Friday, August 20, 2010

After an hour in the make up chair

The last couple of days have been interesting! Once again, I have found myself involved in projects at work that just don't fit into a normal day at the office.

Myself & 3 of my co-workers were recruited as actors for a 2 day video and photography shoot for an upcoming product that my company is developing. So each morning I spend an hour (it probably wasn't quite that long, but I'm really not sure. Could have been!) in the make up chair as the very talented Susannah transformed me into this:

It was actually a lot of fun to have my hair done and get to look like real girl! ( I RARELY, if ever wear make up!!) When I came home, I had a hard time taking off the make up and jumping in the shower because I wasn't quite ready for it to end!

Today at work, though it was really nice to have smooth hair, I really just wished I had on some make up and felt pretty!! So this evening, I made a stop and picked up some supplies.
I now own hair spray.
I know.
I'm a girl. I'm supposed to have that.

And now I do.  Plus a few other things. :)
We'll see how I do.

However, chances are, you'll never see that girl up there again. :)
Oh well! It was nice while it lasted.

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. Pretty eyes! The few times I have had my makeup professionally done, well, let's just say it didn't end that well!

  2. Hey!!

    Gorgeous and talented!

    Green kisses

  3. You're a little hottie without the makeup, but wow! You look so gorgeous with the makeup!

    It's nice to be all girly now and then.

  4. Thanks all!!

    I actually tried my hand at the hair and make up thing last night! I got my hair pinned in curls & then realized I had no idea what she had done after that!!! Oh well, I managed! Didn't look quite the same, but I think it was a valiant first try! I was a little impressed with myself. If I have the correct make up in front of me, I am some what confident of the outcome. Hair however, is all new territory for me!!

  5. Gorgeous!!! It's been said that make-up, styled hair, hose and heels are required of me for the wedding. (NOT by Joni - although she is probably secrectly hoping for it all.) Oh my, whatever will I do? Whoever will do it to (I mean for) me?


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