Friday, August 6, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

It's that time again! If you wish to do your own Fill in the Blank Friday, you can find the phrases and link up at the little things we do.

1.  Today for breakfast I ate    honey nut cheerios. not my first choice, but it gets the job done & my husband does the grocery shopping, so definitely not going to complain!_

2.  My go to/never fail recipe  _Ummm. . .I don't think I have one. Nate does most of our cooking too! But my fun food that I make the girls when we want to something a little special is Flapjacks. Basically they're crepes, without the butter. :) You cut them into quarters, roll them up and dip them in sugar. I grew up with this recipe and I believe, so did my grandma. :) You can find the recipe here

3.  Something I eat that other people think is weird is  __OK, I'm embarrassed to admit this. When eating a frozen pizza, I put ketchup on it. Yes, I just said that out loud. But PLEEZ! Let me explain. When my brother & I were younger, we often went to our Grandparents' house when my Mom needed a sitter. One of the favorite meals we had there was frozen Totino's :) pizza. Grandma would cut the pizzas up and arrange them on a single plate. Then Grandpa would pull out the ketchup. And that's where it all started. But if you stop and think about it, it's not THAT crazy. Pizza sauce, especially on frozen pizza, it very similar to ketchup. Also, this is completely isolated to frozen pizza. Anything that comes from a restaurant is off limits to the addition of condiments. Promise!!  (Hope you don't think too poorly of me now. . .)

4.  My worst cooking disaster ever was  __when I was in junior high, my best friend & I attempted to make fudge. It was bad. Really bad. So bad that the dog wouldn't even touch it. Turns out that was a good thing as I later learned that chocolate is really bad for dogs, but still! What dog doesn't WANT chocolate???? 

5.  If I could only eat one flavor of ice cream the rest of my life it would be     chocolate almond from Braum's. We don't have Braum's around here. They only have stores within something like a 500 mile radius of their farm/factory, but every time I go home it tops the list of things to do_ 

6.  One food I hate and avoid at all costs is  _black olives. Hate them. Green are OK, as are kalamata, but regular black olives are so gross! They have to be salty if you're going to get me to eat them. I do like the salt! :) 

7.  What is your favorite meal?  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  Dinner. I don't really eat a typical full lunch, but I love making a big dinner & having people over —though we currently rarely do— and making a celebration of it. I like the preparation too. It's just fun to bring people together over a meal.  

Hope you enjoy the glimpse into my crazy food habits. 

And please don't knock the pizza/ketchup thing until you've tried it. It's not that insane. Just a little insane. :)

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. This is Nicole from the Bingham Tribe, your blog is so cute I'm going to follow it! Please do me a favor and follow me back! Thanks!

  2. I agree, black olives are no bueno! Your go to recipe sounds delish - thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm am so with you on the black olives! I love, love, love green ones and kalamatas, but the black ones are just WRONG!

  4. hi, just came across your blog and your paper cutting and wanted to say love it! really great idea! also read the whole conversation on design sponge about your beds:), I actually re blogged your project and think is fantastic! thank you:)


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