Monday, August 16, 2010

Saved from the Goodwill Pile!

In an attempt to purge my incredibly small closet of clothes I never, nor will ever, wear again, I started a Goodwill pile last week. The girls thought the pile of clothes was quite interesting and decided they needed to play with them all.

Then it suddenly hit me.
Some of those clothes would make really cute little girl dresses!

So I pulled out an old maternity, wrapped it around Big, and made her an incredibly easy dress that she really loves!

(I forgot to take a picture before & could have sworn I had one of me in it when I was pregnant. But alas, can't find it. Sorry!!)


I started by putting the shirt on Big Sister inside-out, and pinned/marked how much I wanted to take it in. I then stretched it out, and drew a line down the entire length of the shirt with my fabric pen. With my sewing machine, I then just sewed a straight stitch, right down the line.


I then cut the excess fabric off, roughly a quarter inch from the seam & then sewed a second seam. I'm always a little worried that smocking could come undone, so I like to re-enforce it. :) Then I finished off the seam with an overlocking stitch (zig-zag works as well).

I let Big pick out fabric to make new straps to involve her a little bit, though I could have just shortened the existing ones.

By morning, she had a new dress to wear to school!!


I loved the pockets on it & Big thought they would be perfect to carry her dog in. :)

I think it's one of the cuter dresses I've ever made her & I love that is was free!! That came in handy later that day when I picked her up from school and found her covered in tomato soup!! Oh well!

xoxo Lori Danelle

(A nice long soak in OxyClean did get it all out, just so you're not worried.)


  1. that is adorable! great save.

  2. Great idea. Dont you just love inspired designs!

  3. Gorg! As always your instructions are so fabulously clear and HOW CUTE is this wee dress? Also really love the fabric that Big picked out for the straps.

  4. So clever! It looks very cute! Well done!


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