Monday, February 15, 2010

I owe you some pictures

I realized this weekend that I have never given you the pictures of Little Sister's quilt. So, sorry for the delay, but here they are for your viewing pleasure!



I don't see why the back of a quilt has to be just a solid piece of fabric, so I had fun with the other side as well. Now, I'm not sure which side I like best and should call the "front"!


I love the way it turned out and how it goes with Big Sister's quilt, but isn't matchy-matchy.


The girls share a room now, but probably won't in our next house, (No, no current plans on that :) ) so it's nice that they look good together, but if they are ever put in separate rooms, it won't feel or look like we broke up a set.


1 comment:

  1. if C and P ever get tired of living in that room, Can I come live in it? SO cute!


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