Monday, February 8, 2010

It happened!

So that thing I've been fearing would happen. . .Well, it happened. (If you are clueless, go here and here.)

And on top of it all, Little Sis was sick today. Messy & Sick. Great combination. Plus, it broke her heart when I was taking the sheet off her bed to wash. . .?? Poor sensitive little thing!

Tonight, instead of her normal sleeper pajamas, Little Sister is sporting a snap close onesie and leggings. She might be able to manage a zipper, but I'm crossing my fingers that she's not strong enough for snaps.


I was going to try putting her diaper on backwards, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she's too smart and coordinated for that. If this doesn't work, I promise, I'm pulling out the duct tape!! I'm not just saying it this time!! :)

Unless of course, anyone has any better ideas for me. . .



  1. i had a friend that used to safety pin the zipper shut. If she is really crafty she might get that too.

  2. One of my friends would put her daughter's p.j.'s on backwards so that she couldn't get to the zipper.

  3. I think between the two sisters, they could manage the safety pins—but not safely. And someone else told me about pjs on backwards—but what about the feet??

  4. When Hudson went through that phase, I just kept him in onesies. It seemed to do the trick. I just stuck a onesie on under his jammies.

  5. onsies on backwards works too.

    Do you think this is her way of telling you she is done with diapers? You may want to take advantage of this....


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