Monday, February 22, 2010

Making Progress

I got the cabinets painted and poly-ed this weekend!!!

(Please keep in mind that these are definitely NOT finished product shots! So please, ignore the mess. Ha!)



All that is left are the drawers and fixing some spacing things on the bottom cabinets as well as the over the fridge unit.


SO CLOSE!!! :)

I'm really loving the white as well! I was really nervous about it. I've NEVER done white. This weekend I was perusing a magazine at my Mother-in-law's and came across an article titled "Easing into Color" and had to laugh. THAT is definitely NOT my problem. My house is bright, bold and saturated. In the past 8 years I've had red & orange, magenta, burnt orange, green, and chocolate brown bedrooms — not to mention the other colors around my house.

White scares me.

But lately, I've really been craving it. I want to lighten up my walls and let my stuff add the color. So, since this IS my practice house, I'm trying it out to see how I like it before I find myself in a more permanent place.

So far, so good!! Can't wait until I have the whole thing complete!!!


***** Oh! And I'm going to be an Aunt again today!! My Sister-in-law is at the hospital right now! Can't wait to hold the little one! Perhaps that will subside my baby cravings for awhile! :) *****

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