Friday, February 26, 2010

A little glimpse. . .

Practice run for a little something I'm working on.


I fell in love with the new pillows that DwellStudio for Target did when I first saw them on the cover of Country Living magazine.

I knew at once I'd have to figure out how they were made. **And I did!!** Which works out doubly well because in real life, those pillows are not that bright, sun-shiny yellow. They're much more green. Not bad, but not what I would want in my house. Someone over there at Country Living likes their Photoshop!! (Even the Target website makes them look more yellow)

Plus now that I've mastered the rosette I have all sorts of ideas for various applications and have already started making more. So exciting!! Now I just need to keep from stabbing my finger with a needle like I did when I made this one. . . Ouch!!



I must also point out the dog on the cover of the magazine. It's the same breed of dog that I have, only my dog NEVER looks that good. Oh, well. He's pretty cute when he's all scruffy, too.


  1. I love the pillows too!
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