Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why can't I just use stickers??

Last week, Little Sister's teacher sent home little paper bags and instructions to decorate it for Valentine's Day and bring it back to be used to collect Valentines.

In my head, I sort of cringed and wondered if she realized what she was doing to me — while at the same time my wheels were already turning as I began to brainstorm as to what I would do.

Almost immediately, I knew.

I had to make a Valentine's Day monster.

{photo by Bradly Spitzer}

Pretty cute for something that will most likely get torn up tomorrow by a 1 year old and will most definitely be in the trash by next week, don't you think?



  1. That's so cute!! At least you got a beautiful photograph of it after your hard work. :) I'm predicting it will get ripped up while all the kids fight over it.


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