Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project & the Rabbit trail of blogs

Last week I came across Ashley Ann's blog by way of Design*Sponge where she was featured in their before & after section.
(By the way, I will be making that bed as soon as a twin size bed is needed at our house! So Cute!!)
On Ashely Ann's blog she has pictures of her new little girl's nursery. (Look closely, and you'll even see a framed Cora pin. I'm stealing that idea.)
Seriously, if I could just move that room into my house, I would.
But even better, I'm taking her lead on a few things and using it as inspiration for my own girls' room—which right now is an amazing shade of blue, but otherwise, pretty blank and just waiting for time and inspiration to hit simultaneously.

One project that I've jumped on from her room is the collection of lanterns she has hanging from the ceiling. Elsewhere on the blog she gives links of where to find her supplies, only they aren't in stock anymore.

So, after much scouring I've found similar products:

white eyelet-patterned lanterns

tissue paper pom-poms can be found at Michael's craft stores in 3 different color sets (sorry can't find a direct link on the site)
The multi-colored lanterns have proven very difficult and I haven't found the exact lantern, but I did find the same style of lantern in the Martha Stewart line at Michael's in a different color and pattern. However, I think it will still look good in my room. I guess we'll see!!

I don't have a lot of free time right now, but as I do I'm hoping to pull this together. I really want to push ahead and make an enjoyable space for the girls—cheap. Isn't that the way it always goes? Pictures to come as progress is made!!


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  1. Thanks for cluing me in to another beautiful & creative blog. I love finding new ones!


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