Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Giant Pom-Poms


A couple of nights ago I pulled out the pom-pom kit I talked about in an earlier post.
However, these were SO EASY a kit was definitely not required!!

For each pom-pom, you'll need:

10 sheets of 17in x 30in (Medium) tissue paper in desired color
14 sheets of 20in x 30in (Large) tissue paper in desired color
12in section of floral wire

(I'm using paper from the kit which is pre-scored & cut, but this isn't necessary to have done already)

Lay all 10/14 sheets of tissue paper in a stack


Accordion fold into 1 3/4 inch sections.


Once the whole length is folded, Cut the ends either into a point or a half circle, depending on desired results. ( I do not have a picture of this step, as I mentioned, mine was already done.) You can see how each would look in the top picture.

Now, wrap and secure it in the middle with the wire.


Fan out the folds and begin to separate the individual sheets of tissue paper.


Once you've completely separated the sheets, shape it into the desired pom-pom.


Fold and twist the remaining wire into a loop to use for hanging.

And that's it!!!!
Super easy.
And lots of fun.

Now I just need to build my wooden frame and hang all the lanterns. . .!!!!
So excited!


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