Thursday, July 23, 2009

You've Got to Check this out!!!

I just found this paper cut artist via the Design*Sponge site. Her name is Julene and check out the rest of her site for some truly amazing work! So much detail and such clean impeccable lines! She's definitely done this once or twice!

I'm absolutely giddy with excitement!!!

First off, I WANT ONE for my very own!
Second, I want to give it a try!

In college, between mocking things up for my graphic design classes and the handful of "stencils" I've made for other classes & projects, plus the insane amount of packaging mock ups I've done at work (I previously worked in the packaging department of my company and you would not believe the number of fake packages one has to produce for any number of reasons before the final version makes it to print!!), I've come to be pretty handy with an Xact-O knife.

Plus, I'm just insane enough to find this FUN!

So sooner or later, and sadly, with my schedule, probably later rather than sooner, you'll be seeing an attempt from me.

Until then, perhaps I'll just tide myself over with buying one of hers.

Julene just posted on her site that she will soon be selling limited and lasercut runs of her most popular pieces in her etsy store! (Read: hopefully in my price range!!!)


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