Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to the Lake

I'm heading back to the lake.
Not physically, but I do have a few more photos from our trip I'd like to share.

I grew up spending EVERY warm weekend at the lake. That's what we did. I would even take my naps on the boat. I started riding on the knee board by myself when I was two, granted, I just rode on my belly, but I was out there!! I believe I was "skiing" even earlier, perched on my Dad's shoulders as he would ski. I was fearless and I was a fish.

So when planning this trip, I just assumed my incredibly out-going little girl would follow suite. I had grand dreams of a family tradition being started with her on a knee board out behind a boat.

Only she didn't.

To go swimming, there's a ladder off the side of the dock.
She refused to go in that way.
Nate had to take her from the shore and swim out to every one else.


My dreams of her behind the boat seemed dashed. And though not the same as a knee board, I did find a glimmer of hope in the tube. She wouldn't be by herself, but I thought, surely, with the moral support of others, she could do it!

We decided to start off slow and just sit the two girls in it. Allow them time to warm up to the idea.
Bad idea.
Easing in creates anxiety instead of dispelling it.
Just so you know.


So we decided to just go.
And they loved it.


Especially Charlie, it seemed.
Every time the boat stopped, she would say "Go more."


So we would change out riders and Charlie would stay on.
Until finally she was so tired that she asked to get out.

My Mom and I decided we would keep riding.
Our ride was a little different than the ride given with a little one in the tube with us.


What better way to bond with your mother than going at break-neck speeds, skipping across a lake on a tube? We had so much fun and had lasting soreness the next day as a souvenir.


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  1. looks like you are creating AWESOME memories with your girls...I think that is the best part of being a parent...creating memories!


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