Thursday, July 16, 2009

First time fishing

Nate loves to fish. So naturally, he hopes to share this pastime with his girls.

So he bought Charlie her first fishing pole.


Initially, she was excited. And enjoyed picking out a worm and sitting with her Daddy.


But then, they caught a fish and she—well. . .she sort of freaked out.


We threw the fish back in and gave it another go. She even kissed the pole!
(she kisses things—it's what she does)

She helped reeled in the next fish when it took a bite, but once it got out of the water, again, she wasn't a big fan. Wouldn't even come near it.

You can't see her face here, but she's crying.

So our first attempt at fishing? Not sure you could call it a success. But she did like being with her Daddy, so that's something, Right?


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