Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little Sis taking matters into her own hands???

You know how I told you about Big Sis taking on diaper duty?

Well, this morning I went upstairs to get the girls ready only to find Little Sister completely naked—only this time, Big Sis was still snoozing with her quilt pulled up to her ears. Didn't seem too likely that she was responsible this time.

Which indicates that Little Sis took a cue from her Big Sister and tried to change her own diaper. Well. . . she got the thing off, but didn't get much further.

I might have to start duct taping that thing on her!!



  1. Lori that is so cute when they run around with no clothes on. I loved that when my kids were little. Can't wait for A to do that.

  2. You can also put it on backwards to help discourage that ;-)


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