Monday, June 21, 2010

Family Photos from Bradley Spitzer!!!

Though I am not currently employed in my dream job — my dream job is actually a craft room in my house where I can create to my heart's content & people would actually love the things I made so much that they wanted to give me money in exchange for these items — there are a few things about where I work that my dream job just can't compete with:

I am surrounded by some incredibly talented people!

(my dream job can't really compete with my paycheck & benefits package either. Just in case you were wondering. . .)

Bradley Spitzer is one such talented individual. If you've ever been by here, I'm pretty confident you've seen his name pop up. He is our resident photographer and gives me pointers, tips, and tricks to help me improve my photo taking skills.

(Please don't let my photos be any reflection on him! This is mostly done in passing and thus he is in no way responsible for what I then do with these tips, tricks & pointers. One day I'll sit still long enough to figure out what I'm doing on a technical level & then perhaps I'll be good to go!

More exciting than any tips, however, is when he actually takes photos for me! Which, as you've noticed, he graciously does fairly often. But about two weeks ago, he even topped that. Not only did he take photos for me, he took them of my family!!!




I LOVE these photos.

They may not be the sort that show off our family in a perfectly posed, perfectly dressed sort of way, but they ooze with the girls' personalities. I'm in awe of how well he was able to capture US.


And sometimes, us is quite silly.



What's really funny about these is that everything you see was taken during the last half of our "session." Perhaps it was just too hot. Or maybe because Brad was a new person they were just a bit reserved, but whatever the reason, the first half the girls were kind of boring. They played on the playground equipment and had fun, but they didn't really shine. Nate & I were starting to feel a little bad for wasting Brad's time. But because a photo with the entire family in it AND looking at the camera is hard to come by, I asked for just a few more of all of us together.

I'm glad I did & we didn't call it quits before that!! I'm not sure what happened exactly, but Big got really, really goofy on us — and thus, we got some really great photos!!!


I especially love these because they were taken the day before Nate & my anniversary. I love that we now have this glimpse into our family as we are right now.



OK, OK. I know that's a lot, but just 2 more!!!



There are so many good ones that it's really hard to choose which ones I should share!! However, you can see the rest ( and I really think you ought to! ) by clicking on any of the above images and then you can click through the rest on my Flickr photostream.

Thanks again Brad!!!

xoxo—Lori Danelle


  1. Those are great photos. I too love the ones that capture who you really are, not all perfect and poised. Your girls are too cute for words!!!

  2. OMG!!! can I borrow your friend? I simply LOVE these photos. and you are mostly right, their beauty come from you guys being so natural. I specially adore #6, with the girls side by side. congrats on a beautiful session that will bring wonderful memories forever!


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