Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You still with me???

Sometimes I'm surprised I still have readers! I have a bad habit of disappearing, don't I??


I promise that you're not missing out on anything when that happens. Typically, my respite from blogging is due to late nights of taking work home with me.

Not much to blog about there. . .


So thanks for sticking with me after having one of those weeks!!!



Nothing too exciting has happened since the madness, and to be honest, I'm still in it just a tad. Hopeful that tomorrow things will go back to normal — cross your fingers for me!

We did finally put air in the bouncy ball Big got for her birthday in March (eep!) and had some fun with that one evening.


We've taken to spending most evenings in our front yard this summer. I'm not sure why it is, but we have sooo many lightening bugs this year!! We love it!

I find them sort of magical. I know it's just a bug, and I have a pretty strong policy against bugs in general, but for some reason, I'm good with lightening bugs. It's probably because when we look out over our yard it shimmers like pixie dust and the little girl inside of me awakens and wants so badly to believe in fairies and magic.


June bugs and spiders just don't really do that for me. . . ;)

xoxo—Lori Danelle

1 comment:

  1. I went missing for a while myself. And yes you have me as a reader, as I find your blog, taste and girls just simply adorable :)


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