Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's on your heart?

My friend Jenny at Southern Institute for Domestic Arts & Crafts is hosting a Link-Up that sounds like too much fun to pass up! The idea is to share what's on your heart RIGHT NOW. Not yesterday, or even this morning, but what's going on right in that moment.

So here goes!!!

This is kind of funny, because it actually coincides with what Jenny wrote about!

I bite my nails. :(

I've been doing it for most of my life now. When I was 8 or 9 I played soccer and was one of our team's goalies. I remember hearing after the game from my Mom that the other parent's were worried about me and how I'd do & if it was stressing me out too much because my hands were in my mouth the entire time chewing on my nails!! (However, I would then proceed to not let in a single goal!! or very few anyway. :) )

Through the years I've tried to stop, honestly. When I was younger my Mom would paint my nails with that gross tasting stuff. My grandma has a standing offer that was made when I was about 10 for a manicure if I ever stop. In college I even think I really had stopped. . .until my baby brother ended up in the ICU burn center for 2 weeks with acid burns from a car accident, among other injuries. That was just too much for my poor nerves to handle sans nail-biting.

I hate that I bite my nails. I would LOVE to have nails that were worth painting, and didn't look like they do. But so far, I haven't succeeded in stopping. And is some ways had sort of come to terms that this is the way it was going to be & that perhaps some day I'd overcome it, but probably not.

And then Big Sister stared biting her nails.

So now I'm in panic mode. I will not let my precious, beautiful, *perfect ;) daughter have such a nasty habit because of me!!!!! So obviously, first order of business is to get myself to stop. Then her. I knew I needed to take drastic measures, so I've been going to sleep every night listening to this track that basically says " I will not bite my nails. I will not bite my nails" over and over again.

I've also purchased that yucky tasting nail polish again for moments when I unconsciously succumb as a bit of a reminder.

Plus, I've been talking to Charlie about it. Telling her that I'm trying to quit and that she needs to stop too. That it's really bad habit that I have. And playing on 3 year old vanity and telling her if she wants pretty nails/hands she can't bite them.

Last night I tried putting the yucky nail polish on her while I too did mine. She didn't go for it. I don't want to "make" her, but I might have to. Bleck!! And all because I bite my nails!!!

And just so you know, I am making progress! My nails were all my version of long :) until about 2 nights ago when I was majorly stressing and took it out on a couple of fingers. But we do have progress people!!

So if anyone has ideas of how to get Big to stop beyond the nail polish, I'm all ears!!!!

xoxo—Lori Danelle

Also, if you're just dropping in, make sure you check out the first bed I made Little Sister as well her newest pallet toddler bed, if you haven't already!!!


  1. That is one thing I have never done, but my dad does! Still, I catch him doing it... and he's in his 60's!!

    You can do it!

  2. I was a constant nail biter, until I went to teachers college and in our health class we had to do an action plan to change a habit. It actually worked. I will sit down and try to remember the stages, then I will let you know how I did it. All habits can be changed. It just takes time and a bit of bravery. You will and can do this.

  3. Thanks Weza!!! It's one of those things that I hate, but I feel powerless against! Though I think I'm pretty much on my way to being an ex-biter, I'd still love to see the action plan. You know, just in case I'm wrong. ;) And if not for this, I'm pretty sure I could find something else in my life to apply it to!

  4. I imagine painting smiley faces on the nails with nail polish and then inventing a story for each of them might work. Haven't tried it though...

    Btw, your pallet bed is amazing!


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