Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Paper Cutting

This weekend I finished up a new paper cutting!! Took me about 8 hours to complete.


The word border was actually pretty tricky! Those letters are about 1/3 of an inch tall. So the curves on the S, C, R & 2 took a little bit of work.


I really love how it turned out!! I just wish I could say that I was now going to frame it or use it as some sort of keepsake. . .

Truth is, it's now ruined.

I'm experimenting with color. . . and let's just say that from now on, I'll be perfecting this color application thing on paper cuttings that did not take me 8 hours. Probably should have done that in the first place, but I thought this was foolproof!!! Oh well! One day I'll learn.

And I've already started in on another cutting! (Can you tell I'm enjoying this?)

It's so much fun to see a person's fingerprint BIG! Your fingerprint is such a part of you & so unique, you leave it everywhere (haha!!) and yet, I for one, rarely look at my fingerprint. Big, you see things in it that you never knew where there such as creases or cool whorl patterns. And, in the case of my husband, you get to see scars, which lead to stories of how that scar came to be!! I'm a little curious to see, as my girls get older, how, if at any, their fingerprints change. I know your fingerprint is your fingerprint for life, but your finger does get bigger so does that mean that it's just the lines that get bigger? I have no idea, but if I stay on this track, I may soon become an expert!

Hope you enjoy this print & hopefully I'll soon be able to show you color versions! (anyone have any experience with Montana Gold spray paint???? I know this can be done, so I'm not giving up until I figure out how!!)

xoxo—Lori Danelle

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