Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monkey Ears

Pigtails were unacceptable.

Attempts at a ponytail elicited much screaming and crying.

But "monkey ears" brought peace to my morning.


Thank you daycare staff.

And one more because it makes me laugh.

Have you seen the movie Up? This is our version of "Squirrel!"



However you wear your hair, I hope you're having a beautiful day!



  1. oh my she is just so adorable I could eat her up! One day (in 3 years) I am going to style Lo's hair like that. You have such beautiful little girls.

  2. I can't do anything with Sophie's hair because she won't let me! Makes me sad because pigtails and ponytails are so cute. She insists on having "just hair," as she flips it over her shoulder. Love that cute pic of Charlie!

  3. The funny thing is, if I even touch her hair, she starts to scream. But then I'll pick her up from daycare and she'll have 2 perfect french braided pigtails, and I'm like WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! I don't know why it's OK when they do it, but torture when it's me. . .


  4. Monkey ears about about the only way Taryn wears her hair anymore. She doesn't fight it too much but she usually brings up the wind and blames it for "tangles in my head". At least she's already aware of the downside of Kansas.

  5. If only I could explain the tangles in my head so easily. . .


  6. I can't get enough of how pretty your girls are - and the monkey ears just made her even more beautiful!


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