Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Etsy Shop!!!

I know you're not going to believe this, but there's 2 somethings in my etsy shop!!!

The sad part is, my Grandmother beat me into my own shop! I've listed 2 sets of incredibly cute, very absorbent burp cloths. She made me tons of these when the Girls were babies and Little Sister especially put them to the test!


So, if you're in the market. . .and I know a few of you are. . .go check them out.
And, if you're not so much in the baby product market, I promise I'll have some headbands up in the next couple of days. I have photos ready, but as I'm new to this listing thing, I'm not very quick at it and I'm ready to go to bed!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I'm on my way to having a shop too! I got my labels in the mail today and I'm saving for my serger (again).

    I'm going to see your shop now!


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