Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Sis's lastest do.

Big Sister and her hair crack me up. . .and some mornings just make me want to scream ( or just scream!).

I'm not allowed to touch her hair. Unfortunately, I sort of have to. So I'm lucky to get her hair brushed and a barrette in. But she comes home from daycare with the craziest hair-dos all the time. The sort that require a lot of patience on her part, and probably a little bit of pulling and tugging on her head—which she wails over at our house.

So I've started taking pictures of her latest hair styles as she comes home with them.

This one if pretty funny—and all her idea.

She started the day with just 2 braids, but then told her teacher she wanted 2 braids. So she took the existed 2 out and redid them. That did NOT work for her!! She informed her teacher that she wanted 2 MORE! And then started pointing to the spots on her head where she wanted a braid. Thus the results.


And just because I think my kids are way too cute, here's a few more:



See? Aren't they adorable? ;)



  1. Love the do! I used to teach in a 3-year-old classroom, "the yellow room." The 4-year-old room was "the red room." We called hairdos like that "red room hair," because girls started requesting hairdos like that (a ponytail here, a braid here and here, and three barrettes here!!!) shortly before moving up to the red room and continued on with it in there. I love how it demonstrates their independence and self identity at that age.

  2. That's so funny. Ella requested 3 ponytails yesterday for church. I denied this request with a simple- we only have one bow to match this outfit, not three...but had to promise to do 3 ponytails today. I tried to do little piggies in the front and then bring them together into the third...that would NOT work. She needed 3 seperate ponytails. So that's the do she's sporting today. Wish my camera wasn't broken. I'd share with you. :)

  3. Your children are adorable and I love how she doesn't want you to touch her hair, but someone else it totally okay.

  4. I know!! She'll even sometimes let my husband brush her hair but not me—which is actually quite funny.

    One night her hair was particularly tangled and he spent a good 15 minutes trying to work them out with NO LUCK and her sitting there very patiently.

    I got them all out in a couple of minutes, wasn't being any more rough than he was, and she threw a fit. Can't win.

  5. how cute - that she requests :) she indeed looks adorable!


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