Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Birthday Crown

I think the best part about having a 3 year-old is that they are now old enough to think outside of themselves and do things for others.

For my birthday, Big Sister made me a card and birthday crown at school. Granted, she had a lot of help, but she picked out everything and decorated both items.


She was SO PROUD of herself. Absolutely tickled that I loved it so much.
She was happy that her actions had made ME happy.
It was the sweetest thing EVER.

And perhaps I'm rubbing off on her a little bit, because she asked if I wanted to take a picture of my crown (and her braids!) — to which I answered— OF COURSE!!!!


Oh my sweet, sweet little BIG girl!!



  1. It's amazing how much a piece of paper and some stickers can mean to a mom when it comes from her little ones. So sweet!

  2. And I never thought I'd be that Mom. . . :)

  3. Your little girls are SOOO adorable! Such a sweet gift. Happy Birthday!


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