Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Pillow!!

I'm starting to really enjoy making pillows! They're simple, but a really fun way to add some color to a room, inexpensive and easily interchangeable for a new look.

So this weekend I made a new one:





It probably doesn't hurt to have a little reminder sitting around—especially at home! Where, unfortunately, if you're anything like me, I sometimes show my worst to the people I love the most. :(


The back of a pillow deserves to be just as lovely as the front! Fun band of color and button closure for easy removal to throw in the washer as needed!! (at my house, it WILL be needed!)

I've already got more started and want to add them to my etsy shop. The one I'm doing right now has the word "Laugh" on it. What word(s) would you use??



  1. Cute pillow! I was hoping you would make a few for your shop. How about "home" and "rest"?

  2. How beautiful and fun!

    What about "Fun"?

  3. Cute Lori! What talented family I have! I would want "blessed" "content" or "balance". Of course those are all a lot longer than the four or so letters that have been suggested before. I guess my pillow would have to be rectangular. : ) Love you!

  4. Great suggestions!! and I'm adding them all to a list. AND!! Lindsey, I do have rectangular pillows I could make! Everyone is covered!! :) Thanks for the help!

  5. Very cute details, I like the buttons, but I am a button person. Happy belated White Wednesday.

  6. wow! I literally LOVE this pillow. so pretty!


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