Monday, April 26, 2010

Rain, Rain. . .You made my day??

This weekend we finally got around to celebrate my 30th birthday. The girls stayed with Nana, and Nate and I had a busy weekend doing whatever it was that made me happy in that moment. :)

The big thing I had planned was to go to the Main Street Festival in one of the suburbs here. Always a lot of fun, tons to see, beautiful houses to look at if you wander off the square, good food & music. Only on Saturday we were expecting storm after storm with high chances of tornadoes.So of course we went anyway. We got there right when things got started and it was already raining. The vendors were bravely setting out their wares and tying down their tents. Umbrella in hand, I kicked off my shoes, waded through puddles and checked all the fabulous stuff, laughing at myself and the rest of the crazies.

However, within an hour everyone packed up and called it quits on the day. It was really kind of odd to be in the festival space without the festivities. But we did get to see everything we wanted to see and hit all the antique shops my heart could handle. And got very, very wet. But somehow that just made the day more special. I couldn't keep from grinning.
(sorry for no pictures. didn't think my camera & a rain storm went well together.)
We did see one thing that I just have to share with you. Sarah Kaufman has the most amazing oil paintings!!!

I wish I could have taken one home with me right then. Her style is so whimsical and dreamlike. Takes me to that magical little girl place in me that I don't think will ever fully grow up (nor do I want to!!).

Her prices were reasonable, and I loved how she popped her head into the tent while we were browsing to inform us she was just "tying down the tent to keep it from blowing away." She seemed plucky. :)

So hopefully, before too long I will have one of her amazing paintings hanging in my house!! Preferably one of the really big ones, but I can go with a smaller one if I have to. ;)

But head over to her website and check out all her other paintings! You'll LOVE them. Promise.


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  1. I love these paintings! I would love to get a horse painting for Abby!
    So glad you had a happy birthday weekend!


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