Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better photos of the fingerprint cutting

My friend Brad, who just happens to be an amazing photographer, and well, takes photos for a living, agreed to take photos for me of the fingerprint cutting. So, I thought I'd share. :)


His looks a little bit better than mine. Thanks Brad!!

And when I can cut & design like this, I will be supremely happy.
( I know, most of you would think this was torture, not fun!! What can I say?)

Rob Ryan timelapse at Pick Me Up gallery from karl sadler on Vimeo.

Isn't that incredible????!!! Geez. . .I've got a ways to go. . .



  1. Holy moly, how is that possible?! That was an amazing picture.

  2. That was an amazing video...I wish I knew how to draw like that. The fingerprint cutout was soo cool too...

  3. Super idea and great cutting...would be a hype if used as street art.


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