Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Sis's new do, too

So that Little Sis isn't left out, I thought I'd post these. :)

She's so cute in pigtails!!! Much more little girl than baby. . ..

She was very concerned with the construction going on across the street during the taking of this picture. Then again, she often looks very concerned.


Little doesn't like me messing with her hair much more than Big does. However, her tactics at thwarting me are actually much better. Instead of just kicking, screaming & crying, she'll grab my fingers that are holding the rubber band. And don't be fooled by her size or innocent looks. This kid is strong and determined!! Luckily, I'm just a little stronger and a little more determined. But only because I know that if I did not put her hair up in one manner or another she would not be able to see and resemble Cousin It from the Adam's family.

Hope you're having a relaxed weekend! Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of our latest property "remodeling!"



  1. Your girls are SO cute! I think Big Sister looks just like you and Little looks just like your hubby!

  2. so funny. I love the pig tails! my baby is the same way. don't like much messing with her hair.


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