Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nashville Hatch Show Print Poster

Last week I talked a lot about Hatch Show Print. The reason is because my company, Griffin Technology, has teamed up with Hatch to create a poster to raise money for relief efforts for the flooding we had here earlier this month.

The fun part (for me) about this poster is that I had (a tiny bit) of input on its creation! SO, I do not take credit, but it was fun to be back at Hatch and be involved in such an amazing project.


These are limited edition posters (only 250 were printed!) and every penny spent on these posters will go to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee's Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund. (that's a REALLY long name. . .) If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these posters and helping out Nashville, they're being sold for $100 at Cool People Care.


(photos by Bradley Spitzer)

In addition to these posters, we did something that was unique to Griffin as well. We printed up iPhone cases!!

(photo by Bradley Spitzer)

I got to be involved with the actual creation of these as well!



These are sale for $50 and again, just a limited run of 250 were made. These can also be found at Cool People Care. For more pictures of the whole process, check them out here. You'll even catch glimpses of me. :)

So if you're interested, act fast! These will go quickly and once they're gone, they're gone!!


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