Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You should be proud of me

If you know me, you would know that I have a very difficult time deciding NOT to make something. I take a lot of pride in what I create, love the act of taking something on the verge of the junk pill and making it something you would never part with or a plain flat piece of fabric into your favorite new garment. And to be really honest, I LOVE people's reactions when they found out I made it. I hope I'm not alone on that and didn't just release some dirty little secret about myself! But perhaps I love the accolades a little too much.

Which is why you should be proud of me.

The Girls have a Spring Fling concert thing at school on Thursday. They're doing a 50's theme and asking the kids to dress up in the style of the musical Grease. Big Sis's class was specifically told to wear a poodle skirt if she had one—which she doesn't, but that was not a problem!!

I immediately had visions of the other moms oohing and aahing over how cute Big was in her little poodle skirt. I imagined them being a just a little bit jealous of the superiority of the poodle skirt that I made compared to the one their daughter was wearing. (Are my own insecurities showing?)

So Monday night I went to the store, bought my fabric & ric-rac (every poodle skirt needs a poodle on a ric-rac leash, right?) and was all set to sew the skirt up Tuesday night with Wednesday as a cushion if some went totally wrong. I was pleased with myself. I wasn't going to work myself into some crazy frantic stress-fest.

Then on Tuesday I picked Big up from school and while I was talking with her teacher mentioned something about going home to sew a poodle skirt. I was answered with a sort of blank stare and a stammering, "Oh, didn't you see that one of the other moms was going to provide them for all the girls?"


So I was faced with a choice. And for me, it was a tough one. (because I'm ridiculous. I know.) Make my beautiful skirt anyway and show up the other mom (at least that's how it was going to go in my head), or be very grateful for her generosity, an evening of being able to focus on things I wanted to do rather than the poodle skirt I had to make, and let this mom my in the limelight and receive all the accolades.

I'm sure for you it was a no-brainer: Put the fabric in your stash pile and never think about it again! Unfortunately, I'm not so sane. I had to wrestle with it.

But I'm happy to report, that I DID let go.
Sanity won out.
I chose not to wrap my self-worth up in that toddler sized poodle skirt.

Small victory. But still a victory. :)


  1. Progress! So proud of you!

  2. At least my Mom is proud of me!!!! Even if no one else gets it! Ha! :)


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