Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not on the wrong foot anymore!!!

Do you own a toddler?

Does your toddler like to "do it myself!" when it comes to dressing and shoes (not to mention, EVERYTHING else)?

Does this often result in a day spent with shoes that look like this? (Because of course you are NOT allowed to help fix them!!)


Well, if you, like me, posses one of these independent toddler types, rest assured: Your shoe problems may be at an end.

1. Grab a Sharpie or some fingernail polish.
2. On the inside sole of each shoe mark a dot (fingernail polish) or draw something fun like a small heart (Sharpie) in the same location on both shoes.
3. Instruct your self-reliant tot that when putting on his or her shoes to put the hearts/dots together.


4. Ta-Da!!!!


(Don't you just love her tattoos that won't go away no matter how much we scrub??)


The results??

One very confident kid-o that is so proud of him or herself & one Mom who can feel good about give her child the tools to succeed! And of course, no longer having to remind yourself that it's not important that her shoes are on the wrong feet, it's more important that she feels that she's accomplished something new, all by herself. . .See? Everyone wins!!


Now go out there and empower your kids!!!!! :)


now if anyone can help me with why Big Sis insists on wearing both pj shorts AND pj pants to bed at the same time, I'd be much obliged.


  1. Genius! Can't remember how many times I tried to get my nephew to change his shoes...thanks!

  2. genius! I'm putting that in my kindergarten helps book

  3. Now that is a brilliant idea! You clever cookie

  4. Baby oil will take off the tattoos :-)


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